As part of our treasury products for families and friends that would be part of the cooperative, we have the following savings plan:




  • A designated investment scheme for individuals; a sort of target savings account.
  • A Pool of funds which is invested largely in long tenured debt instruments such as Bonds, Treasury Bill and Equities.
  • With minimum investable amount starting from N50, 000.00 and above
  • with an option of multiple contributions after initial deposit to boost your total return on investments (ROI) and this makes you a member of The Cyrus Partners Cooperative


  • The Personal Investment Scheme aims to achieve attractive long term returns by investing in a diversified portfolio of Bonds, Treasury bills, and Equities, whilst maintaining liquidity and preserving capital
  • Its tailored to achieve a reasonable level of current income and maximum stability and preservation of the capital invested.


  • Lock in period – minimum tenor: 210 days
  • Minimum Yield – average banks’ deposit rate OR 0.5% PER MONTH NEGOTIABLE based on deposit amount.
  • Monthly notifications


  • The Scheme offers investors efficient exposure to a basket of high yield government and corporate debt instruments which boost of a combination of interest income and capital appreciation that maximizes investment returns
  • It provides an opportunity to save towards specific projects such as Building project, Vehicle Purchase, Family Vacation and others.
  • Opportunity to earn guaranteed investments returns in blue chip firms and government institutions.
  • Tenor is targeted to coincide with the time of the project
  • Professional management of the funds to meet intended project.

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