Cash Loan

PayDay Loans (MazaMaza Loans)

Empowering salary earners in private sector

Personal credit granted to salary earners employed by either a private organization for a monthly loan repayment. These loans are typically backed by salary payments and provided repayment instruments are used to achieve collections till the loan expiration.

  • Empowering salary earners in public sector

    Do you work in the Federal or State or Local Government and need quick emergency loans within days? Do you need loans without collateral? We provide very fast unsecured emergency loans without collaterals within hours to all federal and state government employees within Nigeria.

    MazaMaza loan prides itself as the most convenient and affordable loans in Nigeria with friendly interest rates, No pre-liquidation charges, excellent customer services and right on time disbursement, we guarantee you peace of mind. Our loans are affordable loans without hidden charges.

  • Features

    Quick emergency Loans without collaterals for salaried workers (Federal and State government ministries and parastatals).

    Disbursement of cash is same day upon submission of complete documentation.

    No Pre-liquidation Charges on your settlement- Means you can settle at anytime without charges.

    Loan Tenors range from 1 to 3 months. (6 months in some locations)

    Disbursement Methods – Direct Credit to Bank Account OR via ePay Cash Wallet.

    Insurance cover for all Personal/emergency loans (Life and hospitalization insurance)

    Fast Payday loans easy to access and collateral free in Nigeria

  • Requirements

    Completed Loan Agreement Form and attached passport photo.

    Letter of Introduction & Employment/Confirmation letter.

    Guarantor Submissions, Proof of residence, Proof of earnings & Post Dated Cheques from Guarantors.

    Valid Identification – Driver’s ID, National ID or International passport.

    Work ID (for salaried individuals only) & Bank Statements/Pay Slips.

    Pension Statement(For current account holders).

    Postdated Cheques Covering Loan Tenor

    Bank Verification Number.

    Signed and updated Direct Debit Mandate.