Cash Loan

LPO Finance


    Local Purchase Orders Finance

  • Meet all your clients’ orders in time and never run out of stock with the Local Purchase Order Finance. This loan facility is designed to provide very short term financing to small and medium scale retail customers with annual turnover of N50 million and below facility to carry out supply orders.

  • Features

    LPO finance is subject to a maximum tenor of 60 days with the option of 30 days renewal after the expiry of the facility. .

    Loan Amount does not exceed 50% of cost of supply. Or 100% Loan when ERRL is in partnership

    Irrevocable Tripartite domiciliation of agreement in respect of Contract proceeds executed by beneficiary company, Emilomo & Rohack Resources Limited and the employer company.

    The employing company must be on the ERRL or Tier 1 Bank list of Principals.

  • Benefits

    Gives clients ability to carry out supply orders within a given time frame partnering with Emilomo & Rohack Resources Limited.

    Gives clients access to working capital.

    Supports business growth and expansion.

    Helps you focus on growing your business operations

  • Accompanying Documents

    Customer’s application letter with two directors signatures.

    Letter from Employer confirming the Invoice and stating details / time of payment.

    Valid means of identification (National ID, International passport or Driver’s License) of prime mover or 2 of the company directors for limited liability companies.

    Six (6) months statement of account.

    LPO supply paper.

    Letter of domiciliation of contract payment from Employer Company.

    Who Can Apply

    SMEs with annual turnover less than N50million.